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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Patties Panties Picked a Pickled Pepper

I stumbled on a plan to boycott the products of any company that buys advertising space from the Sinclair Broadcast Group ((who plan to air a documentary highly critical of John Kerry the night before the election) Hat tip: ISOU).

It wasn't so much the actual meat of the story that interested me (though I agree that the schedule is in bad taste at best, illegal at worst). No, it was the list of companies that advertise. Here in the UK we have 5 basic terrestrial TV channels (BBC 1 and 2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5), as well as the myriad cable and satellite networks. The terrestrial channels are watched by the majority of the nation, and as such charge astronomical fees for advertising space. The result is that only the largest companies in the country can afford to buy space.

Evidently not so in the US. Halfway down the list of advertisers is a company known as 'Patties Panties'. For all I know this could be a behemoth in the ladies underwear industry, it's product known across America for their durability, good value and, indeed, sexiness. Have I missed out on the Patties Panties phenomenon? Am I in the dark here in my backwater? Do teenage boys hide a well-thumbed, slighly crispy copy of a Patties Panties catalogue behind their collective cistern? Am I missing out? Am I, indeed, Patties Pantiless? Who knows.

My interest is well and truly piqued.
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