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Saturday, December 04, 2004


It seems I'm something of a jinx. Of my 15 nominations for the 2004 Blog Awards, only 1 is currently in the lead.

Best Overall Blog
Powerline Blog
Currently - 4th

Best New Blog (est. 2004)
INDC Journal
Currently - 2nd

Best Group Blog
The Command Post
Currently - 3rd

Best Humour Blog
Currently - 2nd

Best Liberal Blog
Currently - 7th

Best Conservative Blog
Outside The Beltway
Currently - 11th

Best Media/Journalist Blog
Michelle Malkin
Currently - 3rd

Best Culture Blog
A Small Victory
Currently - 2nd

Best Military Blog
Black Five
Currently - 2nd

Best Essayist Blog
A 3-way tie. Yes, I can do what I like
Eject! Eject! Eject! - 3rd
American Digest - 9th
Lileks: The Bleat - 2nd

Best Canadian Blog
Small Dead Animals
Currently - 1st

Best Latino/Caribbean Blog
Currently - 4th

Best of the top 100 Blogs
Politburo Diktat
Currently - 11th

So get voting. My taste, as always is impeccable. My choices are the best and everyone else is misguided.
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