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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

What a crappy day. I got my final payslip today, and found that I haven't been paid for the 5 days of my holiday allowance they held back for the Christmas break. I called payroll about it, and the conversation went like this:-

Me: Hi. Uh, I haven't been paid enough for my final month. You haven't given me my Christmas allowance.

Him: Well, we don't deal with that.

Me: Isn't this the payroll department?

Him: Yes.

Me: And you're saying you don't deal with pay issues?

Him: That's right.

Me: So who would I need to speak to?

Him: Human Resources, maybe? I'm not sure really. OK, bye - dial tone

So I called HR, and had to speak to the woman who fired me. I tried very hard to remain polite, but she told me I wasn't entitled to the holiday pay as I didn't stay until the last day of the year.

Me: But I accrue that holiday throughout the year. You just hold it back for me so I can take a few days off at Christmas.

Her: That's right.

Me: So surely you owe me the money. I've already accrued it.

Her: No. It's company policy that if you leave before the last day of the year you lose your allowance.

Me: That's stupid.

Her: It's company policy.

Me: Is there a difference?

Her: Well... do you have any other questions?

Me: Fuck you - hang up.

On top of that, I sent the HR manager an e-mail last night to say that I wanted a decision on whether my appeal was successful by Thursday evening or I'd move onto an Industrial Tribunal. She e-mailed back with the gist that they can do what they please, and they'll take their time about it.

Grrr. It's as if I'm stuck on a reality TV show in which I'm pushed to the limit to see how long it'lll take before I start shooting people.

AND... I just remembered that my car tax expired yesterday, so I need to go out tomorrow and buy a tax disc with my non-existent money.

So I'm putting an ad in the local paper. Wanted - pyromaniac to burn down office block.

That building better not burn down now, or I'll have a few awkward questions to answer to the police.
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