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Monday, December 06, 2004

Kos Reader Explains Actions, Looks Stupid

I love getting hate mail. I used to get a fair amount, but it seemed to tail off in the last few months. So, when my first piece in a month came through this morning my heart was warmed.

The email comes from a young chap named sanetexan. I assume he intended that to mean that he is a Texan Democrat, living among crazy people (because, of course, only crazy people vote for Bush, because he likes to kill babies). Unfortunately, the name sanetexan looks more like the name for a female sanitary product than anything else.


The only reason we rigged the vote on that site is so we could show you what it feels like 2 get cheated against.

Well I am, in fact, British. The only time people cheat on us is during the World Cup Finals. I'm sure I don't know what you're blathering about.

Now you know what its like you should think b4 you try it next election.

Yes, having Kos win a novelty award hits the Bush camp where it hurts. It's lucky they have supreme power over the world or they'd have to comfort themselves with ice cream and other fatty foods. Imagine the weight gain!

All we did was show you wingnuts how easy it is the cheat on the election. Next time we might try it on the real thing. You have been warned.

I'm sure we'll sleep soundly in our beds tonight safe in the knowledge that the elections aren't conducted on a Hosting Matters website using radio buttons to select your choice of President. If, however, you wish to attempt to throw the 2008 election by devising a cunning scheme to game your local polling place, good luck. Don't forget to let me know how you got on about 5-8 years later.

You might be able to get a reduced sentence if you find yourself a good lawyer. Be careful, though. Democrat trial lawyers have a bad reputation for losing.
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