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Sunday, March 27, 2005

President Quick?

Now this is interesting:

The Republicans are no longer the party of small, limited government, fiscal sanity, states and individual rights, and the Constitution. In their own way, they have become as bloated, hypocritical, invasive, and spendthrift as much of the worst the Democrats have to offer.

If you think there must be some alternative, I am with you, and I would like to find one. That means we have to create an interest group of moderates and libertarians who become crucial to the balance of power. If we hold the keys to the electability of candidates from the right and the left, then both sides must listen to us.

I've always liked Bill, and he hasn't disappointed today. One of the biggest problems I see in the US political sytem (speaking as an outsider) is that the choices are so limited. A vote for the Republicans is a vote to align yourself with George Bush and everything he holds dear; a vote for the Democrats is a vote for... Hell, I don't know, but they're against everything Bush is for, Durnit.

There is no longer an option to elect the guys who want small government and more personal liberty. These days both the Dems and Repubs want to take your money and sift through your trash. But there are many of us who'd be willing to vote for guys who are willing to fight for our vote.

In a recent diary on DailyKos (that has, of course, been deleted and the ground disinfected wherever my feet stood) I argued that the Democrats must do more to win back the middle. I count myself among those who could be won back, and faced nothing but scorn from the Kossites. The general consensus was that if I could be so easily won over I wasn't worth having in the party. If the Democrats are ever to regain power they must realise that there is a growing centre populated by people such as myself and Bill, people who can be swayed either way given the correct incentive. Same goes for the Republicans (subsituting 'regain' for 'retain').

Will Bill be the guy to galvanise the centre and sway the next elections? I'd vote for him.

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