Bits and Pieces

Sunday, April 10, 2005

British Elections

British politics are dull. Trust me on this. The problem could be that the British electorate don't respond to the overblown drama that so interests me about US politics. Also, the UK isn't so sharply divided about news-making issues such as abortion. We're divided about it, but it doesn't dictate which party you support (at least not to the extent that it does in the US).

The result of this is that we don't seem to get fired up about UK politics (I don't, anyway). It seems my ignorance of UK politics has given me a little surprise today, though (h/t Outside the Beltway). The performance of the Conservatives over the past few years (with lacklustre leader following lacklustre leader) led me to believe that they are entirely unelectable. I never imagined that some polls could have them drawing level with Labour.

I've not yet made up my mind this time around. I'd be quite happy to give Blair another term, but I'm not sure I support him enough to vote. I might just withhold it again until it stops being a case of choosing the lesser of who cares.
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