Bits and Pieces

Thursday, April 07, 2005

No Sleep 'til York

How about this for crazy? My friends and I are planning a long weekend to York next month (we did it last month, and I believe today's youth would have described it as 'off the hook' or something similarly nonsensical - christ, I'm only 23. I am today's youth).

Seem to have lost my thread there. Anyway, I was just looking at hotel prices for the weekend we want to go, and I've found 2 possibilities. The first, a Travelodge, is a 2 star motel type arrangement. Comfortable and clean, but nothing special. It's basically a bed, a shower, and possibly a window. 2 nights = 140 quid (about $260).

The second option is the York Hilton. 4 star hotel with everything you expect from a Hilton. 2 night= 210 quid (about $390).

Considering this is the rate for 4 of us, we could choose the roach motel or the luxury suite - for a difference of $32. Hhmmmm.
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