Bits and Pieces

Sunday, June 25, 2006


I've just posted this comment on every blog I could find.

Imagine if cats could drive. You'd be all like 'Dude, there's a cat driving that Jeep', and I'd be all like, 'Sweet'.

P.S. My teeth hurt.

No reason. I'm just bored.

I need Diet Coke. Where are my car keys?

Update - I checked what sort of post I was commenting on first. God, this would have been inappropriate:-

Blogger: 'My house just got robbed and I've been diagnosed with a deadly brain disease. This was the worst day...'

Me: 'Imagine if cats...'

'Nother Update - I'm feeling a little remorseful now. Some people might not like cats. They might find the idea of cats driving cars troubling, perhaps even terrifying.

OK, if anyone comes round to complain, tell them I'm out shopping. If they start to kick up a fuss tell them I'm going through the menopause.

23 year old guys can catch menopause, right?

Final Update - In an attempt to avoid losing the respect of several bloggers whom I admire (i.e. Michele at A Small Victory), there is a real academic point to posting a random comment on your site, I promise. All will become clear. In the meantime, please feel free to delete my comment, curse my name and send me hate mail. Thank you.
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