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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Great Boulder Tennis Instructor

Back before I destroyed my knee in a car accident in the middle of Kazakhstan (if you can call falling asleep and driving into a field an accident rather than 'dumbass, holy mother of Christ are you stupid?') I was a pretty acceptable tennis player.  I wouldn't claim to have been particularly good (my serve needed work), but I had a reasonable amount of game.

A friend of mine recently moved out to Colorado with his family, a move that his young son hated.  The old house in Austin, Texas was directly next door to a local tennis club - not a private, snobby and expensive club, but just a set of municipal courts that could be hired for a few dollars per hour.  Adam used to play for hours with his dad, Oli and, when Oli's job pulled them to Colorado, leaving the courts was an even bigger wrench for Adam than leaving his friends (friends?  Screw 'em.  My backhand is sloppy).

Oli know that he needed to restore some normality to Adam's life when they arrived in Boulder.  Making new friends in a new town will always be a terrifying experience, so Oli wanted to give Adam some sort of sanctuary; a continuation of his life in Austin, some place that felt safe and familiar while everything else around him was changing.

Almost immediately they struck gold.  Just a couple of minutes from the new house is a Boulder tennis instructor.  Not just any instructor, either, but the only Boulder tennis academy endorsed by the city.  The instructors are USTA certified, the kids all love the place (Adam has already made a few new friends there) and the management have big ideas about holding USTA tournaments of their own.

I'll be heading to Boulder for a short stay in February and, assuming the knee holds up, I can't wait to play a few games with Adam and Oli.
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