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Friday, December 16, 2011

God, We Got Fat

The missus and I have had, to say the least, a sedentary year.  I've spoken a little about this before, but last October I was deported from Mongolia, the home of my girlfriend, and barred from returning for a year.  Since then we've been scratching out a living around South East Asia before finally being allowed to return to Ulaanbaatar late last month.

Now, we spent four months living in a city called Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, and this year the wet season was particularly hot and humid.  Rather than leave the apartment in such weather we ordered in most days: heavy, unhealthy western food in the main.  We both put on weight, but we told ourselves that we'd exercise more when we reached a cooler climate.

Now we're in Mongolia, and the temperature is around -30 Celsius, faaaar too cold to leave the house for a run.  Even a short walk leaves me in pain, and the heavily polluted air doesn't help one bit.  Again, we're gaining weight.  Why oh why can't we find a climate somewhere in the middle?

In any case, for the next couple of months we're going on a health kick.  It starts with eating healthy: our kitchen is now free of snacks, and we haven't so much as smelled a pizza in three weeks.  Additionally, we were reading some fat binder reviews and decided to give them a try.  Fat binders prevent dietary fat from entering the bloodstream by binding it all together into a mass too large to be absorbed so, along with a healthy diet, they can apparently help you lose weight.

Anyway, we start the course tomorrow, and we'll let you know how it goes :)
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