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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weird Hotels and Crazy Thing to Do

Now, you all know I visit some pretty weird places in my travels.  In the last few years I've stood on the edge of an enormous flaming crater that's been burning for three decades in Turkmenistan.  I was in Beijing on National Day, 2009 as the Chinese military rolled through Tienanmen Square. I spent weeks earlier this year living through the worst flooding Thailand has seen in half a century (you haven't lived until you've watched a crocodile wade down your street), and right now I'm living through a Mongolian winter at a ridiculous -40 degrees Celsius.  In short, I'm pretty immune to weirdness.

Saying that, I was pretty amused to find this site on the subject of weird hotels around the world.  From hotels made of salt to the world's thinnest house to its highest swimming pool, this site is full of weird and wonderful buildings that'll make you realize that the world have taken a definite turn for the weird.

Another part of the site that really appeals to me is the 'crazy things to do' section.  I'm always looking for a new adventure, so I love to see ideas like snowboarding on salt, swimming with polar bears and climbing the world's highest climbing wall.

It's this final idea that really appeals to me.  The wall is in the Netherlands, and it stands at an immense 127 feet, with a 36 foot overhang.  I've always loved to climb, and when my girlfriend and I pass through Holland on the way back to the UK next spring it'll take a hell of an argument to prevent me from giving the wall a try.
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