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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leo Traits a Result of School Year Cutoff?

Those who know me will tell you that I don't believe in astronomy.  I don't believe the stars and planets have any effect on my personality or any impact on my actions.  Simple as that.

However, I do have a theory that the month of our birth has an effect on our outlook on life.  It's nothing to do with the stars, and everything to do with the way school years are organised.  You see, I was born on July 23rd, right on the cusp between Leo and Cancer, and in the UK that means I was one of the youngest kids in class.  The cutoff point for the school year is August 1st, so if I'd been born just a week or so later I would have grown up as one of the oldest kids in the year below.

Now think for a moment about how that would have affected the development of my personality.  I would have been among the biggest in class rather than the smallest, for a start.  As it happens I grew into a timid, retiring sort, surrounded by bigger boys and much more mature girls.  A difference of a week would have flipped that on its head.  Maybe I would have been better at sports, competing with smaller kids rather than those who had up to a year of development head start on me.  Who knows?

In any case, that's my theory.  When we talk about things like Leo traits - specifically, that Leos gravitate naturally towards leadership roles - I believe it's because the average Leo, especially in the UK (I'm unsure of the cutoff dates elsewhere), will have spent his or her formative years as one of the oldest in their class.  They naturally adopt the same sort of leadership role you can see in Ralph in Lord of the Flies: confident, assured and (occasionally) a little arrogant and cocksure.

Just a theory, of course, with as much chance of being false as true.  What do you think?
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