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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Weblog Review

Well, my review has come in and it's better than I expected. Considering the Weblog Review last year described my site as an 'emotional trashcan' that would only appeal to 3rd graders, I awaited my review with some trepidation to say the least.

Anyway, the site was reviewed 3 times last year, and received an average rating of 2.6/5. In its new form it has now been reviewed twice, with ratings of 3/5 and 4/5. It's safe to say that I'm pleases with this.

My only problems are that the reviews on the front page of their site are arranged in date order, starting with the oldest. That means that the first impression readers get is of the disastrous 2.5/5 review of June 2003. Bah. The other problem is that one of the reviewers failed to notice that the site has a new URL,, as well as name, leading to a little confusion on her part (and on readers of the review).

Anyway, I'm sure you have guessed by now that I am an obsessive stats watcher. I spend all day with one eye on my stats tracker to see how people are finding the site (occasionally funny Google searches that lead to the site help alleviate the boredom).

In conclusion, my boss is becoming curious as to why I am frantically typing when my job requires only the occasional touch of the keys, so I'd better sign off now. Here he comes.
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