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Friday, November 12, 2004

Comes in Threes

You ever wish you could just wipe out the last week of your life and start over last weekend? Course you have. Everyone has. I used to wish a lot back when I was pretty deep into gambling. You lose 2 weeks wages on one spin of a roulette wheel and you'd suddenly give your left ball to jump back 20 seconds.

What a week... What a week.

My brother's back in hospital. He came home from India last month with malaria and gastroenteritis, and now our best guess is amoebic dysentery. Well, they say it comes in threes. He seemed to be getting stronger this week, then he called earlier and asked that we not visit today. Vomiting all day and blood in his urine. That's what you get when you give 5 months of your time to teach poor kids in a slum in Bangalore. The guy deserves a medal, not a catheter.

And dysentery is communicable. If he has it, he's had it since he came home. I'm worried because I've been feeling unwell in a general sort of way for about few weeks, and I've lost almost a stone in weight. I'm not complaining - I was 13'2" and about 5'10", so I could do with dropping a few pounds. Still, I don't think that much weight in 3 weeks is healthy. Hopefully it's just stress. I can't deal with hospitals since I worked in one for a summer a few years back. The smell freaks me out.

On top of that, I lost my job on Tuesday. I took my appeal down to the office today with great satisfaction. I don't know... I've got a couple of years of law training that I never use, so I thought I'd look into how much I can screw over the fuckers. I've picked out a few things they did wrong - mostly procedural stuff they missed in their rush to get me out the door, but the big one is that they charged me with gross misconduct. That was a mistake. It got to me. I've given a year to these guys, and they escort me from the building without even a handshake.

On the same day my car ran out of petrol on the way home. A minor problem, but I was close enough to the edge after the morning to think about dumping the car and doing a Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

I don't know what I'd do if I woke up in the morning and it was last weekend. Not much I could do to change the week. I probably wouldn't have watched Just Married yesterday, though. God, but did that movie suck.
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