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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Netherlands Experiment in Permissiveness. Over?

An interesting post over at Sisu (hat tip: Instapundit):-

"Escaping the stress of clogged roads, street violence and loss of faith in Holland's once celebrated way of life, the Dutch middle classes are leaving the country in droves for the first time in living memory," writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph.

The new wave of educated migrants are quietly voting with their feet against a multicultural experiment long touted as a model for the world, but increasingly a warning of how good intentions can go wrong.

The illusion that all was well in the Netherlands died in May 2002 when Pim Fortuyn [protesting that Europe's most densely-populated country was full to bursting point and that Muslim immigration, leavened with Salafist extremism, had reached a level where it was starting to destabilise Dutch society itself] was shot by a Left-wing activist in the country's first political assassination since 1584.

Reward anti-social behavior by telling the perpetrator he's a victim of society and it isn't his fault, and like any infant he'll keep on behaving badly.

Amen to that. I've been waiting for many years for the Netherlands experiment in permissiveness (is that a real word?) to collapse in on itself. Looks like it may finally be happening.
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