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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Election Day Round-Up

There's been a lot of pooh-poohing (I love that expression) of the Iraqi elections around the blogosphere today - unsurprisingly, much of it has come from that vocal, shrill portion of the left that seems to hate civilisation so much.

Matt Yglesias looks forward to three weeks of gloating from hawks (hat tip: Balloon Juice), and I wouldn't dare disappoint him.

Oliver Willis complains that Jeff Goldstein and the Wizbang boys are attacking him. He responds with:-

Pardon me if I've had enough of these Iraqi "turning points". I work in Washington, D.C. so I can't just pretend and make the terrorists go away like the other sheep.

Now, two years ago we stated our aim to depose a murderous dictator and bring democracy to Iraq. Today, after deposing the murderous dictator, we brought democracy to Iraq. I'm not sure what Oliver's definition of turning point is, but I think most of us could agree that today qualifies.

Frank J balances all of this out with a timely observation:-

We have here our idiotic "Rock the Vote" and "Vote or Die," but the Iraqis faced the prospect of "Vote and Die" and turned out anyway. Most of us never has to face such danger for something we consider so simple (or even an inconvenience). (Hat tip: Poliblog)

James Joyner notes positive headlines from the NYT.

Power and Control points out a rare glimmer of reason from the DU. Unsurprisingly it was soon deleted. I've found that DU quickly cracks down on commenters who stray from the party line (read: tinfoil hat-wearing shrill zaniness)
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