Bits and Pieces

Friday, March 11, 2005


I've been puking all day and I'm not in a good mood. I got a call from my boss this morning complaining that my performance needs work. I'd been praying to the porcelain god all morning, but today wasn't a day to stay in bed.

So, I got in the car and drove over to Glossop a few miles away. About 5 minutes after I stepped out of the car I brought up a stomachful of Volvic mineral water on someone's doorstep. You can believe it comes from volcanic streams when you see it erupt from your mouth. Sorry. That's disgusting.

Anyway, I pushed on for an hour or so and then started with the whole dry heaving bit, and have spent the rest of the day reading a second rate Greg Bear novel and watching Neighbours on BBC. Paul Robinson's back! It's like I'm 12 again. Non-Neighbours fans can disregard that.

Anyway, I've got a carton of orange juice on the way, so check Hotmail and then back to bed. Later.
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