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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Kos Readers Attack Sortapundit, Each Other

I wrote today, against the counsel of my better angels, a diary at Daily Kos. Despite the common belief that they're all crazed loons over there I've always held out hope that I could talk to them reasonably, as men do.

See, my background is left wing. I'm born and raised democrat. I've always supported such mainstays of the left as universal health care and social security. Here in the UK these things are taken for granted. Not perfect, but they've been here for years and we don't expect them to go anytime soon.

But in the past few years I've found myself drifting ever more right. I've become ashamed of the impotence of the left, and even more ashamed of its outspoken representatives (think Michael Moore). And so, I thought I'd write a post in response to the call to attack Alan Greenspan and his family. That was my first mistake.

Almost immediately after I'd hit 'submit', the angry comments began to flood in. I was, of course, dismissed as a troll, a faux Democrat looking for a fight. The first serious commenter called me a 'hate-filled right-winger through and through' - and 101 other insults followed. I know, I know, I was setting myself up for abuse. Still, I took from it a few positives. There were a few, mostly drowned out by the taunts and abuse, who attempted reason. I applaud these few. It must be difficult to keep up commenting sensible thoughts on such a bizarre echo chamber.

It turned funny, though, when they turned their bile against each other in a crazy fight about how all the Nader voters in the group cost Gore the election in 2000. Really, guys, that's the kind of petty shit that pushed me away from the left. Hilarious, but tragic.

Looks like I'll be sticking with you guys on the right for a good while yet.


Of course, the diary was soon deleted. Open debate between the left and right is crushed with an iron fist at DKos - which is as it should be, comrade!

But what I find funniest is what jbou left in the comments of another post here - I hope you're happy with your new friends, especially when you tell them how much you like universal healthcare and other more liberal programs and ideas.

Jbou, Jbou, Jbou - dear oh dear. These more liberal programs and ideas that I subscribe to are - get this - IN THE FUCKING FAQ! That's where you read them, you retarded little monkey! And this genius thinks I'll lose all my readers when they discover I support universal health care.

Lets test the theory. I like universal healthcare. I like the fact that when my brother recently got malaria, gastroenteritis and helicobacter pylori he went to the local hospital and was taken to a bed, not asked how he'll be paying. I like the fact that when I broke my arm the doctor didn't demand I attach a pen to the protruding bone and demand I fill out an insurance form. My best friend has been troubled by a stabbing pain in his leg these past few days. I like the fact that he can go get it checked out tomorrow. He doesn't have to save up until he can afford it.

You still here, readers?
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