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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

La Mort a la Resistance

Daily Pundit's David Gillies reports that Iraqi and US forces have stormed a terrorist training camp near Tikrit, killing 84 insurgents.

Now you may say to yourself 'well, it's only 84 of them'. But lets assume that each of these insurgents would have, if allowed, gone on to kill, say, 5 people each - I just picked that number out of the air, but considering the weaponry and training manuals found in the camp I think it's a fairly good guess, if a little on the low side.

So - Iraqi and US forces saved the lives of over 400 people. Add to that the number saved by the 24 insurgents killed on the weekend, we get a total of 545 saved. Oh, and how about the 17 insurgents killed in Mosul. That takes us up to 625 Iraqis saved just in the past couple of day.

And it's not just the soldiers saving Iraqis - the Iraqis are saving themselves.

Now tell me what we're doing is a bad thing.

Meanwhile, in anti-war protests across the world:

It makes you feel all warm inside, don't it?
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