Bits and Pieces

Monday, April 11, 2005

Heading to the US

A couple of weeks ago I asked for some advice about Frederick, Maryland, as a good friend of mine was moving out there to work for six months for an electronic engineering company. First, let me thank those who responded to that post: especially those who emailed links to nespaper articles and other websites. You were all a great help.

As it turns out, though, Craig only stayed briefly in Frederick. He's now been relocated to somewhere in New Jersey. He spent the weekend in New York and is now hard at work 12 hours a day in the cracker factory somewhere in NJ. He will, however, be spending his last three months in Frederick before moving on to Italy for another six months.

I'm fairly drunk right now but I'm getting more and more excited by the minute about heading to America for a short break. I'm thinking a week, but after receiving my commission for this month I can probably afford two. As we say in the UK, a few weeks with Craig in New York would be 'messy'.
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