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Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Hurricane Scams - Get Rich Quick

Even as the bodies are being removed from the wreckage that was once New Orleans, the e-mail scammers are creeping out of the woodwork. While some have opted to prey on the kindness of the Internet community with bogus charities, others have appealed to our greed. Here's an e-mail I received today:

Please help me out in this desperate situation. I am a Mexican national and also an illegal immigrant living in the state of New Orleans of the disaster hit area of the U.S.A. I presently work as a member of a rescue team, following the event of the recent disaster in New Orleans which is caused by "Hurricane Katrina".

In a relief effort to save the lives of the indigenes, I personally made a recovery of some treasure boxes which belong to a private banking firm, here in New Orleans. These boxes which are currently in my possession were found to be containing uncountable number of defaced foreign currencies, which ranges from United States Dollars down to Japanese Yens, thus running into hundreds of millions of U.S. Dollars when converted.

I have so far decided to undisclose these funds to the "Federal Emergency Management Agency", pending my personal use, soon after this disaster as things come back to normal in New Orleans. Dear colleague, I have already made prior arrangements with a private courier services firm who will assist me to convey these boxes, out of the U.S.A. I am desperately searching for a trustworthy individual who would provide me with a valid home or business address, in outside U.S.A (particularly in Europe or Asia), where these boxes can be conveyed, so as to start immediate investment opportunities.

I am sorry, I may not be able to leave U.S.A at present due to lack of authentic travel documents, but I would like to entrust these funds in you, and I will make my way out of U.S.A as soon as the boxes are moved out of U.S.A.Thank you for taking out time to read about my problem. I look forward to your reply.Please take note you can always reply me on email:

Your contact information will required for easy communication.

Warm Regards, markly ford.

My reply to this message was as follows:

Thanks for your e-mail, Mr. Markly. I too am a cruel, nasty little b*st*rd and would love to take part in your scheme. So, what do you need? My PIN number? Access to my credit cards? I'll do anything to speed this along, as I'm eager to get my hands on the loot.

You see, I'm addicted to hookers. I just can't get enough of 'em. I like to beat them a little, too. The problem is that sometimes I get a little carried away and beat too hard. Here in the UK dumping bodies ain't as easy as it is in the US. I live on a tiny little island, so you have to pay the big bucks to the local heavies to take care of it for you. As a result I owe a few thousand pounds to a local loan shark, and he's threatened to break thumbs!

So get back in touch ASAP, friend. I see great things in our future. Keep living the dream.

Sincerely, Keith Taylor


The e-mail domain of this little goon, tsamail, comes from Technikon SA, a distance learning service in South Africa. The purpose of these addresses is to give students access to lectures and classmates; to create a virtual classroom, if you will. Now what the hell are they teaching people in South Africa?
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