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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Building an AdSense Empire

In the last six months or so I've been building up a few new sites in advance of the Christmas rush, hoping to make a mint from the amazon Associates program and the AdSense program.  I've been tirelessly banging out content day and night, building sites of hundreds of pages each, hoping to reach the top of the search results and give myself a nice, comfortable passive income.

I'm only six months into this new career but so far I've done pretty well, if I say so myself.  Last month I made a little over $600 from Amazon and $400 from Adsense.  Out here in Asia that's all I need for a comfortable life, but I'd like to at least double that by this time next year to allow my girlfriend and I the option to return home to the UK if we choose - right now that's just out of the question.

Since the next year will surely be a long, hard slog I've decided to work smart, rather than hard over the coming 12 months.  You can buy ready made content to flesh out your sites - articles that will only require a little rewriting to pass the duplicate content filters - and using them you can flesh out your sites with content that Google will love.

I've been using these pre-written articles for the last few weeks, and so far I've halved the amount of time I've needed to spend sitting at the computer, while my productivity rate has stayed the same.

So, if you're building websites and you're finding yourself tired of writing fresh articles every day I advise you to buy a few pre-written pieces.  It makes life so much easier.
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