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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unlocking an iPhone in Minutes

As you may know I recently moved back to Mongolia with my girlfriend (I don't really know why, as the temperature in Ulaanbaatar is currently -32 Celsius - brrrrrrrr!

Anyway... for the last few months my iPhone 4 has been packed away at the bottom of my bag while I used an old Nokia during our time living in Thailand.  I knew I could unlock the iPhone, but I wasn't confident enough to hand the phone over to a local shady service center, and I didn't think I had the skills to unlock the iPhone on my own.

So we got back to UB last weekend, and the first thing the missus said to me was 'right, you're unlocking your iPhone right now' - she knew that if I didn't I'd just borrow her phone all the time and run up a huge bill.  I went along to MobiCom, the usual place Mongolians go for iPhone unlock services, but it seems the place has closed down in the time we've been away :(

Finally I jumped online to see if I could find some assistance from the good people of the web.  Almost immediately I stumbled on this iPhone jailbreak and unlock website - these guys offer software to unlock an iPhone for free, asking only for a small donation in return.  

Within minutes I had access to the software, and a few minutes after that I was done!  Piece of cake.  Don't know what I was worried about!
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