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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Shopping Frenzy

As my friends will know I recently moved back to Mongolia to live with my partner, and it's gonna be May before I get to visit the UK for my big brother's wedding.  As Christmas is just a couple of weeks away this presents quite a problem for me.  The Mongolian postal service is about as useful as a chocolate kettle - of the last three things I sent from here, only one reached its destination - so the idea of sending Christmas gifts home to the family is just silly.

Instead, this year I'm buying all of my gifts online and trusting in my hometown mailman to deliver the safely.  It makes sense, then, to try to buy everything in one place to save on postage (hey, I never said I wasn't a cheap skate).  After finding my first gift, a personalised Christmas teddy bear for my little nephew Matthew, I think I've found the right place.  Look at the little guy, he's so damned cute!

So yeah, I guess I've got just a few more days to pick out the rest of the Christmas gifts in order to ensure they'll all arrive before Christmas morning.  I really wish I could be there in person, but I guess his Christmas I'll have to mail it in.  Next Christmas, though, me and the missus will be there in person if it kills me!
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