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Saturday, December 11, 2004

5 Million and Counting. And I'm Still the Best.

Gerard at American Digest reports that Technorati is now watching over 5 million weblogs.

This is why blogging is expanding the Net more rapidly than any other force today. Blogging is not just some mere "value-added" item over and above the act of passing on information. The human interaction itself is the primary value and reason people continue to join and expand the Web and the Net. They arrive, depart, and reconnect again to break down the solitary nature of contemporary life in the real world; to make it more multiple, more multifoliate than previously thought possible.

It's a great post, and far too intellectual for a Saturday evening for me to dissect. Go read it. Now.

Update - Ed Driscoll links this with a CNN article dating back to the beginning of the year: Study: Very few bloggers on Net. Since most of my links today have come from Glenn Reynolds...

Heh. Indeed.
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