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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sortapundit Atrophied

You know, I've often wondered what would happen if a company cut it's advertising down to zero. Would it keep selling products, or would it quickly fizzle away into obscurity? I've now answered my own question. Starting around Christmas I cut down my trackbacks, commenting on other blogs, and any form of creating an online presence beyond occasional, unlinked posts - partly due to sloth and other obligations in real life, but also as an experiment to see how it would affect my readership. The results prove that advertising is essential, especially for a little fish such as myself.

In November I had around 15,000 hits; December around 10,500. January netted around 4,000. February so far will average around 2,000 hits. It's a depressing result.

So, I now need to bring it back up to a respectable figure. 2,000 hits a month is no way to live. But short of posting naked pictures of celebrities I'm not entirely sure how to do it. My fairly bland, uncontroversial style has never really dragged in the readers, so I may have to resort to more inflammatory posts.

OK, I'm off to buy a set of Andrew Sullivan and Oliver Willis talking dolls. They might have some ideas.
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