Bits and Pieces

Sunday, March 13, 2005


I'm watching the first in a two-part drama entitled Supervolcano on the BBC, a fictional account of a supervolcano erupting under Yellowstone Park. Coming from a background, however flimsy, in vulcanology I'm eager to see if they did it well. More thoughts to come.


The first episode just ended. Initial thoughts? It's OK. Too dumbed down, but perfect for anyone who doesn't have a basic knowledge of volcanoes. Entertaining and fairly well-acted (with the occasional melodramatic staring into the camera and whispering through clenched teeth 'it's started!')

Now here's what I love about the Beeb. Following the programme is a documentary on BBC2 about the science behind supervolcanoes and the likelihood of Yellowstone actually erupting.

'Nother Update

I wish we'd had documentaries like this when I was at university. We had old men covered in tweed and a few models of volcanoes constructed entirely from cardboard and Ragu. This one has more CGI than Jurassic Park.


Aw, crap. I went to the pub and forgot to record the second part. And it isn't being repeated anytime soon. Shit.
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