Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothin'... Say it Again

As part of my Blog War with Basil I've been browsing through my logs, and I discovered that my readers are even more unbalanced than I thought.

In the past 24 hours people have searched for the following, and found Sortapundit:

Too drunk to fish

You're never too drunk to fish.

Mangrove trimming is not a smart thing

Not while you're drunk, anyway.

Brass knuckles overnight shipping

Who plans to punch someone 24 hours ahead of time?

Alas, I have yet to make a dent on the listings for Paris Hilton's cell phone number. I did show up, I think, for Gizoogle, but it was way, way down - something like page 5. Patience, grasshopper. Before long I will be the king of strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers. The niggas at DFNCTSC will bow down to their true God, and I will fulfil my promise to the people of earth by putting a car in every garage and a Jamie Lynn Spears naked in every pot. Also, girls big tit and free big tit sites.
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