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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Pet Pharmacy in my Home

So for the last few weeks my girlfriend and I have been dogsitting for a nice Czech couple, in return for free accommodation in their apartment.  At first this seemed like a pretty sweet deal.  We're running a little low on funds, so a month rent-free sounded pretty good...

... That is, until we met the dog.

This little thing is insane.  She's a mongrel.  Part spaniel, mostly wolf.  She eats more than Ogi and I put together, and a couple of days ago she broke a table, she was jumping around so much.

Now, the couple want to move little hyperactive Zaya from Mongolia to the UK, and in order to do so she needs shots, blood tests and a whole host of checkups to make sure she's healthy.  This month we've visited the vet almost a dozen times, and we have so much medication in our bathroom (where the dog can't chew it to pieces) that we have a veritable pet pharmacy on our hands.

Anyway... it'll be sad to leave little Zaya next week when her family return from holiday.  This last month has reminded me of my love for these furry little creatures.  I expect after we leave her I'll have to get my fix from reading the occasional pet blog and chasing after puppies in the street :)
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