Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Blog Whores

I think I missed a trick with this whole Blog Award endorsement thing. Endorsing Frank J at IMAO has netted me about 3000 extra hits today. Imagine the possibilities.

I could have endorsed DailyKos in return for 100 free asshats. Hey, every fashionable ass is wearing a hat this season.

The Commissar could have rewarded my loyalty in vodka and potatoes.

David Anderson at ISOU could have sent me one of those hot Costa Rican women he's always posting pictures of.

Michele could reward me with cleavage (hers, of course. I don't want breasts of my own.

Ah well. Next year it will all be different. My endorsements will be whored out to the highest bidder, just like in politics.
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