Bits and Pieces

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Adventures in Bed-Wetting

I woke up this morning around 2AM, my sheets soaking wet around my waist. It was dark and I wasn't wearing my contacts, so I stumbled drunkenly around my room, mumbling about wetting the bed. I was barely half awake, still hammered, and I sat there for ten minutes in a wet pair of boxers staring at the floor. I tried to remember how much I'd had to drink, and if it was enough to make me piss the bed. I didn't think so, but I could barely remember coming home - or making the half eaten sandwich next to the bed - so it must have been a fair amount.

Anyway, after a while I changed my underwear and laid towels down on the bed to cover the wet patch. That's when I noticed the curtain twitching above the bed, hiding my very guilty looking cat - and an empty, toppled bottle of Evian water - on the windowsill.

Damned cat.
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