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Friday, March 18, 2005

Battle Continues

The war continues between myself and Basil. New development? Basil himself has begun to announce his own defeats. And another one.

Meanwhile Imperial Secretary of War, IMAO's Frank J., approved the war.

The Sacred Seven

Google searches

Paris Hilton's Cell Phone Number

The Niggas at DFNCTSC

Strip Clubs in Ohio with Midget Strippers

MSN searches

Girls Big Tit

Free Big Tit Sites
28th - 1st with quotes

Jamie Lynn Spears Naked

The action is hotting up. Basil has collected a group of like-minded bloggers to assist in his survival. Looks like I need to gather myself a posse. Hhmmmm, who to recruit? First, to dispel any ideas that my team may be an axis of Brits, I've recruited that most 'merican of 'mericans, Prof. Rusty Shackleford - not only one of the great 'mericans, but also a strong proponent of a better, more naked Jessica Alba.

And so, Rusty becomes the first - well, second including me - member of the League of Sortapundit. Who will step up next. Will it be you? Or you? Or.... You?

Now, who will press my reset button? Will it be you? Or you? Or.... You?
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