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Saturday, January 07, 2012

How to Remove Newspaper Articles

Internet safety experts often complain about the dangers of social networking sites such as Facebook, about the effect our online breadcrumb trail may have on our future employability.  They warn us about those drunken photos tagged in our profiles, and the ill-advised drug and alcohol related status updates.  All of this information will be there forever, they tell us.  It doesn't matter how private we think our data may be.  Eventually the truth will out, and one day it'll come back to bite us right on our collective asses. 

The same holds true for newspaper articles.  Individuals and businesses featured in unflattering articles have never had so much cause for concern as they do today.  Way back before the days of the Internet we could hope to keep our heads low in the wake of a bad article, secure in the knowledge that today's newspapers will be lining tomorrow's litter trays.  Today, though, newspaper articles are not just archived in microfiche form but published and immortalised online.  Every article is available at the touch of a button, and every business should be praying for the development of a 'remove newspaper article' option in their browsers. 

It's no simple matter to have an unflattering newspaper article removed from the records, and every newspaper will put up a fight before deleting a story, but if you feel you or your business has been unfairly portrayed in print you should follow this guide about how to remove newspaper articles.  There's no guarantee of success, but you might as well go down swingin', right?
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