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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hire a Babysitter in Mongolia? Naaaaah

In recent months my partner and I have been living in Mongolia, an unusual country sandwiched between China and Russia.  Many things about this country are different from the west (obviously), but the one thing that strikes me most is the difference between the level of hovering care provided by a parent for her children.

You see, back in the west we've grown used to living in a society in which our child's every move needs to be carefully monitored lest he or she accidentally run in front of a bus or be abducted by psychopaths.  The real and imagined dangers of parenthood make it a pretty damned stressful experience. 

Out here in Mongolia, though, they're a little more relaxed about parenting.  Parents here would rarely hire a babysitter, for instance.  Instead (assuming there isn't a parent around to do the job) they'd simply knock on the doors of their neighbours until they found someone who'd take the kid for an hour or two.  I'd never dare do that in the US or the UK (I don't know my neighbours, in any case).  

Anyway, my girlfriend and I are toying with the idea of setting up a baby sitting service in the same vein as  I'd love to get kids taken care of by responsible, trained carers rather than the potentially drunk neighbours who look after them now.  We're off to Thailand for a while next week, but when we get back we're gonna launch right into it.
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