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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Livin' on the Breadline

I went for an interview yesterday over towards Manchester Airport. It was just for a weekend job answering phones, but right now the main thing is that I work at least part of December. I figure if I earn £200 this month I'll be able to afford to tide myself over until the end of January and buy some distinctly average gifts for the family.

Still, I got a call yesterday (while I was actually in the interview) for a job that pays significantly more than my last job, so I'll give them a call today. The problem is that if the job isn't set to begin in the next week or two I'd have to pass on it.

Damn the bills! Damn all the bills!


I spoke to a guy called Tony from the agency that called. Turns out he only called me yesterday to let me know that I wasn't qualified enough for the job I applied for (apparently, 4 years sales experience isn't enough to take calls from people applying for mortgages).

I told him I need to be in work as soon as possible, so he looked in the files and found he had only one job that has an immediate start....

...It was my old job.

...The one I got fired from.

You know, sometimes life hands you lemons. And they're infested with maggots. And you squirt lemon juice into your eyes. And have an allergic reaction. And then die.

I've got two words, to be read in the style of Capt. Blackadder:-

Oh... bollocks.
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