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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Lunchtime Links

Just a few links before lunch.

McGehee is considering a name change. So is Rusty. Has there been something about this year that makes us want to disavow ourselves from it by ditching the old names. If so, I call Instapundit for next year.

Rob at Say Anything complains that kids are learning about sex through teen magazines. Hey, I was exposed to my sister's magazines as a teen, and *15 ways to get a guy... and keep him* they never did me any *winter styles to wow your friends* harm.

Kevin Drum remarks that Clinton was much more successful than Reagan at reducing the number of abortions. I thought there were no pregnancies in the US between '92 and '00. I just assumed Clinton was using all the sperm.

John Hawkins has a run down of the best Jonah Goldberg quotes of the last year. And very entertaining they are, too.

David at Samizdata reports that Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) is protesting the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill. While you're there, feel free to complain to them that they took my place in the list of finalists for the Best UK Blog at the Blog Awards.

OK, so they have a better looking site.

OK, so they have better content.

OK, so they don't cause mysterious itching and temporary blindness.

What's your point?

Bill at INDC unveils the second instalment of Dances With Moonbats. Truly hilarious. Go read it.

Dean Esmay is dismayed at the response of the Left of the blogosphere to Iraq the Model.

Am I the only one who thinks Dean should change his name to



Clive James has his own blog (hat tip: Tim Blair). Turns out he's a huge fan of the West Wing, God Bless'im.

And finally, Jay Tea wonders if Kos' readers cook the books to bump up his ad revenues. Hhmmmm. I'm all for blaming those retards for anything, so I'm hopping on board.

Incidentally, if my readers would like to try something similar, feel free. each of you reload the page 1000 times. You know you want to.
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