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Friday, March 18, 2005

2nd Blogiversary!

Tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of the Iraq war. It also marks my second blogiversary.

I don't remember the actual date I started blogging, and the evidence has now been lost in the ether, but I remember sitting in front of the computer on March 19th 2003 (it was actually in the wee small hours of March 20th here in the UK) watching the first bombs drop, and that was when I decided to start the blog. A move from Lycos to Blogger, a name change and an unplanned six month hiatus later and I'm going stronger than ever. I've set tomorrow as the date because, well, I can.

What makes it so special, though, is that when I started the site it was intended as a protest to the war. As I was watching the bombs drop on Baghdad I was angrier than I've ever been while sitting in pyjamas watching TV. I was near as damn it a Kossite. A disciple of Willis. Ech. I just got a shiver down my spine. 6 months in I started to have my doubts. 2 years in and I realised, as Glenn describes it, the 'moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the "peace" movement', and now try to distance myself as much as possible from those crazy hippies who'll be taking to the streets tomorrow to proclaim, once again, that they hate democracy.


Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday, Sortapundit
Happy Birthday to me
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