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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Building the Perfect Beast

Now, just before I go to bed, one more post.

Gerard has thrown out a lovingly crafted analysis of the Blogosphere (I can't get enough of those): Building the Perfect Beast: What Is to Be Done in the Blogosphere

Just a few points. Obviously you should read the whole thing at your earliest convenience.

'The bias makes the blog. Without bias there is no reason for a blog to exist and, if one does exist, it's readership can be counted on the digits of a one-legged three-toed sloth. The force of the blog flows from its bias.'

Amen to that. A biased blogger is a popular blogger. It's no coincidence that Kos, Eschaton and LGF et al have some of the most active comment threads in the Blogosphere. Bias sells - perhaps more to the point, bias sells Blogads.

In fact, I'm too tired to go into the post in any more depth. Read the whole thing, and don't forget the comments. Allah gives a complete explanation as to why he stopped posting, which seems to be a popular topic of conversation lately.

I bid you all adieu.


P.S. I implore you to go and vote for American Digest as best essayist. In a Blogosphere awash with sites that are nothing more than link farms and partisan hyperbole (mine, f'rinstance) , we should give all the encouragement we can to people who take the time to write substantive material.
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