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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smoking a Sähkötupakka

So we're going through a bit of a financial rough spot here in Bangkok right now.  My girlfriend and I arrived a few days ago after a looooong trip down from Mongolia to take advantage of the low cost of living, and while we're here I'll be working 12 hours a day to try to build up a little capital before heading back to Ulaanbaatar for the summer.  

One thing I really miss about Mongolia is the price of cigarettes.  You can get a pack of Marlboro Lights up there for the equivalent of £1.50, which makes smoking pretty damned cheap when you take 2 days to finish a pack.  

It's still reasonably priced here in Bangkok (especially compared to the excessive cost of cigarettes in the west), but it's still expensive enough to make me want to quit.  Fortunately I have a partial solution.  About six months ago a Finnish friend of mine brought me a gift of what he called a sähkötupakka.  When he told me the name I assumed he was going to hand me one of the God awful Finnish snacks he always brings with him, so I was pleasantly surprised when he told me it was just the Finnish name for an e-cigarette.  He's been trying to get me to quit for years, the big lug. 

Anyway, the sähkötupakka went in a drawer until now.  I wasn't too interested until I decided to try to quit.  I've tried it a couple of times and the taste is pretty good.  I even managed to go 24 hours without a real cigarette yesterday!  I'll keep going, and report back.  Wish me luck!
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