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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Social Advertising with Linknami

In recent months I've been experimenting with social advertising, and it just got a hell of a lot more interesting with a few recent updates made by Google.

For the last few years Facebook and Twitter have been emerging as the new driving forces of viral marketing.  You see something interesting, you like it on your page or tweet it on Twitter.  If it's good, your friends like it and retweet.  If it's really good it goes viral, and in a matter of hours you could see tens of thousands of visitors to your site.  It definitely makes Internet marketing a lot more exciting, knowing that you can find success in a day rather than wait impatiently to rise through the ranks on Google.

In the last few days I've been trying a promising service called Linknami.  If you have a site or page you'd like to promote, the hardest thing is to get the ball rolling.  With Linknami you can hire regular people to publicise your content, paying them a small amount to talk about your stuff.  It's a great idea, and so far it's showing a lot of promise.  I tested the service with a gallery of photos taken over Christmas in Mongolia, paying for ten Facebook likes.  Since then my page has been liked organically another 28 times, and the traffic has begun to increase.

Here's the best part: Google is beginning to take notice of social signals.  A few dozen 'likes' will give you a nice bump in the SERPS, and if you manage to get something to go viral you could potentially push yourself all the way to the top of the results.

Right, back to the grindstone.  I'll keep you updated with my test over the next few weeks.
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